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Risk factors

Source: Annual Securities Report (The 119th Business Term)
(Filing Date: June 26, 2019)

Ricoh is exposed to various risks which include the risks listed below. Although certain risks that may affect Ricoh's businesses are listed in this section, this list is not conclusive. Ricoh's business may in the future also be affected by other risks that are currently unknown or that are not currently considered significant or material.

Ricoh has a total risk management system and it defines “managerial risk” to enhance each risk management process from FY2019. Since global economy/business environment are changing every single day, response to these changes are not a type of prior specified risks, Ricoh always needs to response timely basis.

Therefore these “risk factors” below are not completely match Ricoh's “managerial risk”, but the risks match “managerial risk (either “managerial strategic risk” or “managerial operational risk”)” will be indicated in “Risks column” in table below. In consideration of the revised Cabinet Office Ordinance applied from the Annual securities report in fiscal 2019, the impact on the status of business results and the measures for the risk etc. are described when the risk emerges.

In addition, this section contains forward-looking statements, which are based on our judgments at the date of submission of the securities report.

*1 The risks match “managerial strategic risk”.
*2 The risks match “managerial operational risk”.
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